Since around October 2012 I've had Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets, and use the Hacker's Keyboard for entry.

I have an HTC G1/Dream. It's quite old, but I'm waiting for a good PDA-type (at least 5 rows QWERTY) Android based unit to be released before I upgrade.

I am vehemently opposed to the idea that my private data be held by anyone who does not absolutely need it. I do not trust anyone I can't control and I believe that the more data any one entity (corporate) has the bigger target they are (This is partially the security through obscurity debate and I am aware of it's failures).

I don't like the fact that Google's original view was to force me to have a Google account and to sync all my private data to it just because I chose a G1. I am aware that this is not quite so strict on more recent handsets, and thus some of the work that I've done to facilitate Android data transfer without yielding it to Google is no longer quite so necessary.

My experience and interest is largely in inter-systems communication more than GUI development, almost all the projects here involve the interchange of data between the handset and some back-end system.

I hope that someone will find this page and find these apps useful either becuase they're learning Android devel, or for the reason I developed them.

If you're after more information about me, best to check out my website.

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If you want an .APK or the source of any of these projects please contact me and ask. I would love to hear from you.