Context driven Media Exchanger

Download the .APK file: MediaExchanger.apk


Once installed the application registers an INTENT for image & video mimeTypes

and thus presents in any context sensitive 'share' menu. Once the intent is passed the App loads a list of allowed recipients from this URL, devices are identified by the IMEI number which the APP passes.

The media stream is sent in chunks so that any distruption to signal will have a limited effect on the entire upload, it also means that whilst the individual chunks are small an almost unlimited size file can be uploaded (given enough time). The upload process will continue across various network types (GSM/Wireless etc.) as the handset switches.

Once complete the chunks are re-assembled server side and if the resulting file is a video, ffmpeg is used to create a smaller .FLV version of the file correctly rotated for view on a PC.

The recipient receives an email with a link to the media

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