Android Calendar (AnCal.apk)

Since 2013 I've switched to Andrew.McMillan's aCal project with OwnCloud at the backend.

This is a continuation of Piotr Zagawa's original AnCal project that was subsequently open sourced on Google Code with additions to syncronise with Funambol's SyncML server over the air.

I'm not sure that there is an intended audience for this modded AnCal... indeed even an audience for the original can at best be regarded as a niche due to the inbuilt Calendar.

The AnCal alternative attracted me because the inbuilt Calendar sends my appointments to Google. I'm not keen on that.

I started out simply wanting to export the AnCal calendar data for backup purposes, this lead to writing the code to import and then finally sync with my work MS Outlook calendar.

My mods thus far:
  1. Allow a custom alarm sound, thus far the mod uses the notification service, but passes /sdcard/data/pl.magot.vetch.ancal/sound.mp3 as the AlarmSound
  2. A Sync(ML) button that exports and syncs the Calendar data over the air with a SyncML server (I've been using Funambol's Tomcat powered SyncML server), via a PHP script that read and writes to/from the underlying database
  3. Changes to the DB: LastUpdated and Status to facilitate SyncML needs along with the code to update these fields were necessary

I would be very keen to hear from you if you have any interest in this, or if you're just after free stuff: Download the modified source, a compiled .apk or the .php program.

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If you want an .APK or the source of any of these projects please contact me and ask. I would love to hear from you.