Android .APK files and projects

2014-09 and it's 2 years since the last major change. I've now decided my current S3 is old enough to risk switching to Cyanogen (version 10.2.0, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean). I've documented my finding at - the process is robust (so fairly riskless) and reasonably well documented. My notes are mainly around my own edge cases. There are some .APK files that I found useful.

Since around October 2012 I've had Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets, and use the Hacker's Keyboard for entry.

Prior to the S3 I had an HTC Sensation XE (May 2011 until late 2012) - the first smart phone I've had without a physical keyboard since my Nokia Communicator 9110i.

My first Android smart phone was the HTC G1/Dream.

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If you want an .APK or the source of any of these projects please contact me and ask. I would love to hear from you.